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The following services benefit you by alleviating the complexities of tax compliance, ensuring accurate reporting, and maximizing deductions and credits specific to their business. By outsourcing tax-related tasks to our virtual accounting firm, you can free up time, reduce the risk of errors, and gain peace of mind knowing that your tax obligations are being handled efficiently and in compliance with applicable tax regulations.

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Bookkeeping service is a valuable offering designed to handle the ongoing financial recording and organization of your business numbers. This service ensures that your books are up to date, accurate, and organized on a monthly basis.

The catch-up write-up service is particularly beneficial for those who have fallen behind on their record-keeping or have incomplete or disorganized financial documentation.


Filling Out Tax Form

Tax Services

Our tax filing services offer a reliable and comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses, ensuring accurate and compliant tax reporting while maximizing tax benefits and minimizing liabilities.

We utilize electronic filing methods to streamline the tax filing process. Electronic filing expedites the submission of tax returns, increases accuracy, and allows for faster processing and potential refunds. We leverage secure systems to protect your sensitive tax information throughout the filing process.

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DIY Bookkeeping

Our DIY Bookkeeping Google Sheets with Full Accounting Support for a Year is a comprehensive offering that combines the flexibility of a do-it-yourself approach with the assurance of professional accounting support. 

What clients are saying...

Michelle Dawes, CEO of Devine Roots Hair Salon

"JB Financial Skills has been servicing my business for years. Jennifer is definitely a one stop shop. She takes off the burden and stress that can sometimes come with just hearing the word IRS. This company has truly made my life stress free… Down to handling my business financial record keeping, payroll and preparing my taxes. JB Financial is definitely a company you must have on your team, they won’t disappoint."
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